As the Crow Flies

Thank you all for visiting my site.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about current stock as it is always changing.  If you would like to discuss a commission contact me. 

In general I like to work from patterns that I have already established.  I don't mind mixing and matching elements from one item to fact that can be really fun.  My projects tend to involve alot of repetitive design work, stamping, antique painting and obvious hand stitching.  I don't typically like to do extensive free hand carving.  I prefer hand carving to be more simple shapes.  The black orca pouch in the gallery section is about as intricate as I like to get.


If you see something you would like to purchase on this site, contact me so I can verify it is still in stock.  I will then send an invoice to you via email through paypal.  I can also take payment via cashiers checks and money orders.  I will take personal checks but your order will be delayed while the check is processed.


You may wish to see me in person.  Please feel free to ask.  I would just ask for a days notice or so... And don't expect some huge factory with an archery range and foot combat lists.  I work out of my garage.  It is small but it has carpet, a computer, a stereo and some fold out chairs for my visitors.

Other wise you may contact me via e-mail or by phone.  I am usually really good about writing back quick.  Sometimes however, I may be in the shop, out with the family or at an event....Yes, I do have a life outside of this!  So don't be dissappointed if I don't get back to you for a day or so.

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